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The Belt-High Dribble

Feb 11, 2024

John and Sol talk about the future by talking about the deadline. The Utah Jazz gave away some win now talent for flexibility and assets for the future. 

Dec 4, 2023

Sol and John are back! In Pod form! How do we feel about the lack of winning this season? Eh? How about the young guys? The older young guys? The In-season Tourney?

Jul 2, 2023

Sol and John talk about the Jazz offseason moves, including Draft picks, trading for John Collins, Clakson Extension, and others. Finally, they have their own Dame Time. Plus some comedy from Cora.

Jun 17, 2023

Sol and John talk about there top for prospects for the the Utah Jazz at the number 9 pick. Also, shoud the Jazz move up? Do they go with fit or best available? No food talk here, just Jazz.